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We are specialized in customized B2B data building across the globe from any industry providing 90% accuracy with opt-in email addresses and other data fields.

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Don’t allow your competitors to sweep potential customers out from you. The List Box Demand Generation team will help populate your list of incoming leads.

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Our goal is to turn data into information and information into insight!

Our B2B company data empowers businesses to identify, connect, nurture, and convert high-value prospects to achieve sustainable growth. The B2B company marketing data boosts multi-channel campaigns, lead engagement, customer acquisition, retention, and more, and adds value to an organization’s overall operations, productivity, and efficiency.


What We Guarantee

The data that is sourced goes through stringent checks to verify and authenticate. The procedure is strictly followed as we prioritize delivering data that is verified to increase your response rates and lead generation.

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B2B Company Data & Its Benefits


Recruit your next big innovator

With accurate business data, you can find and recruit individuals that best suit your company and its objectives. With some of the best professionals on your team, you can achieve great results. Encourage new talent in your organization and find yourself in the middle of your next big creative campaign.


Fuel multi-channel marketing campaigns

Your prospect audience uses various channels to communicate on the business front. Multi-channeling your marketing campaigns increase the awareness of your brand on a broader scale. A survey showed that companies who use omni-channels to market retain 91% of their customers.


Measure your campaigns and forecast your next big conversion

After a campaign is executed, it’s necessary to track its performance. This insight can help plan and execute future campaigns to increase its success rate of a campaign. The success of a campaign determines the generation of leads and the sales pipeline.


Build prospect lists that convert to sales 10x more

Building sales requires a multitude of traditional and modern techniques that include email campaigns, telemarketing, social media campaigns, and more. But what guarantee do you have that the prospect you’re reaching out to is a potential client? For all you know, the individual may not even be interested in your line of services. Thus, having a real-time company data can help build a potential marketing list containing targeted leads that converts.


Boost your team’s productivity and navigate marketing challenges

Challenges are plenty in the marketing world and it can overwhelm your team from time to time. Professionals lose 14hours per week, decreasing their productivity by 30%. But being equipped with the comprehensive company data backed by research and authenticity, you can empower your team and increase their productivity. Increased productivity = Growth

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